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Tactical Night Vision Monoculars

GSCI Advanced Photonics takes great pride in introducing the PVS-14C, a revolutionary iteration of the conventional night vision monocular system. This exceptional device is extensively employed across a wide range of missions and operations, benefiting from our latest technological advancements, invaluable feedback from professional users, and over 30+ years of GSCI’s engineering expertise.

The PVS-14C excels in various operational environments, from urban and close-quarters settings to remote rural areas with challenging terrains and obstacles. It serves as a versatile multi-role tool, adaptable as a handheld device, tripod-mounted unit, headgear or helmet-mounted hands-free monocular, or even as a standalone weapon-mounted system. Enhancing its versatility, you have the option to equip it with 3x or 5x lenses for extended-range observations. Additionally, the PVS-14C offers an optional external power port, enabling seamless connectivity to a GSCI MVP-240 battery pack or other portable power sources. Its manual gain control feature allows for maximum viewing comfort with minimal strain on the operator’s eyes.

The PVS-14CL represents an upgraded version of the traditional night vision monocular system, embodying innovation and cutting-edge technology. It has gained wide acclaim across a diverse range of missions and operations, benefiting from our latest technological breakthroughs, expert user feedback, and GSCI’s engineering achievements spanning over three decades. Boasting proprietary GSCI-VIVID high-performance front and rear optics, it offers the lightest optics available in the market today, guaranteeing a crystal-clear image. Remarkably lightweight, this monocular system stands among the most compact and portable solutions available.

As one of the select major manufacturers globally, GSCI Advanced Photonics maintains a substantial inventory of Image Intensifier Tubes (IITs) from virtually all IIT suppliers. This ensures timely availability of PVS-14C systems equipped with any desired IITs, including Gen. 2+, Gen. 3, ECHO*, ECHO* Elite, 4G*, 4G* Elite, and 4G* Elite Plus, in both green and white phosphorconfigurations with FOMs up to 2400+. We offer this state-of-the-art night vision device to our authorized distributors in OEM tubeless kits, ensuring exceptional performance and quality for our esteemed customers in the field.

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PVS-14C Features

  • Universal Night Operations Tool
  • Unique Safety Features
  • Exceptional Situational Awareness
  • Extended Range Observation
  • Multi-Use Systems Design
  • Preferred Choice of NATO Forces

Технические данные

Lens System 27mm. f/1.2 27mm. f/1.2
Diopter Adjustment Range -6 ... +2 -6 .. +2
Proprietary GSCI-VIDID Premium Optics No Yes
Optical Magnification 1X 1X
Field Of View (FOV)* 40° 40°
IR Illuminator Yes: Built-in Yes: Built-In
Bright Light Sensor Yes: Built-In Yes: Built-In
IR LED Indicator Yes Yes
Bright Light LED Indicator Yes Yes
Low Battery LED Indicator Yes Yes
Stow Safety Feature Yes Yes
Flip-Up-Off Feature Yes Yes
External Power Port Optional Optional
Power Source 1x AA, 1x CR123 or MVP-240 1x AA, 1x CR123 or MVP-240
Battery Life (AA) 40 Hours 40 Hours
Battery Life on MVP-240 240 Hours 240 Hours
Environmental Protection Waterproof Waterproof
Operating Temperature -40°C .. +50°C -40°C .. +50°C
Dimensions 109 x 62 x 53 mm 104 x 62 x 53 mm
Weight 230 grams** 190 grams**
Warranty 7 Years, Limited 7 Years, Limited

* Field Of View (FOV) values are valid if the system is equipped with an 18mm Image Intensifier Tube

** Weight of the unit excludes an IIT due to its weight variations. Typical weight of an IIT is between 70 and 85 grams as per IIT manufacturers' specifications.

Specifications are presented for optical-electronic-mechanic assemblies only and do not include technical characteristics of image intensifier tubes.