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Tactical Dual-Tube Night Vision Goggles

Immerse yourself in the unparalleled situational awareness provided by the PVS-31C-MOD, crafted with utmost expertise by GSCI Advanced Photonics.

This formidable dual-tube goggle system embodies a sleek and ergonomic low-profile design, fortified with cutting-edge technological advancements honed over 30 years of GSCI’s engineering prowess. Engineered to withstand the harshest environments, its lightweight yet rugged housing, coupled with advanced multi-coated optics, ensures uncompromising image quality while enduring weights comparable to a pick-up truck and drops from two meters.

Distinguishing itself with an array of exceptional operational features, such as instantaneous IR [Morse Code Capability], standard IR [Map Reading/Zero Light Capability], an external battery power port, flip-up off capability, selective channel engagement, and stow safety mechanism, this goggle system delivers unparalleled performance and unwavering reliability.

The PVS-31C-MOD offers a myriad of optional accessories, including magnification lenses, head mounting systems, battery packs, and recording devices, accommodating diverse operational needs. With compatibility for 1xAA and 1xCR123 batteries, it ensures flexibility in power options. This versatility has established it as the primary choice of numerous users, spanning law enforcement and military agencies worldwide.

The PVS-31CL-MOD, boasting a perfected low-profile design, derived from over 30 years of engineering expertise, stands as a testament to GSCI’s commitment to excellence. Equipped with cutting-edge technological advancements, it features proprietary GSCI-VIVID high-performance front and rear optics, the lightest optics available in the market, delivering a crystal-clear image. In fact, this dual-tube goggle system stands as one of the most lightweight options available.

As one of the few global manufacturers, GSCI Advanced Photonics maintains a substantial stock of Image Intensifier Tubes (IITs) from various practically all IIT suppliers – ensuring customers get timely delivery on any quantity of PVS-14C systems equipped with any IITs: Gen. 2+, Gen. 3, ECHO*, ECHO* Elite, 4G*, 4G* Elite and 4G* Elite Plus in green or white phosphor configurations with FOMs up to 2400+. We offer this night vision device to our authorized distributors in OEM tubeless kits.

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PVS-31C-MOD Features

  • Ultra-Lightweight and Compact
  • Dual-Tube Observation
  • Exceptional Situational Awareness
  • Stow Safety and Flip-Up-Off Features
  • GSCI-VIVID Premium Optics Upgrade (PVS-31CL-MOD)
  • Extended Range Observation
  • Rugged Aluminum Enclosure

Технические данные

Lens System 27mm. f/1.2 27mm. f/1.2
Diopter Adjustment Range -6 ... +2 -6 .. +2
Proprietary GSCI-VIDID Premium Optics No Yes
Optical Magnification 1X 1X
Field Of View (FOV)* 40° 40°
Interpupillary Adjustment Range 50mm ... 90mm 50mm ... 90mm
IR Illuminator Yes: Built-in Yes: Built-In
Instant IR-On Button Yes Yes
Bright Light Sensor Yes: Built-In Yes: Built-In
IR LED Indicator Yes Yes
Bright Light LED Indicator Yes Yes
Low Battery LED Indicator Yes Yes
Stow Safety Feature Yes Yes
Flip-Up-Off Feature Yes Yes
External Power Port Yes Yes
Power Source 1x AA, 1x CR123 or MVP-240 1x AA, 1x CR123 or MVP-240
Battery Life (AA) 40 Hours 40 Hours
Battery Life on MVP-240 240 Hours 240 Hours
Environmental Protection Waterproof Waterproof
Operating Temperature -40°C .. +50°C -40°C .. +50°C
Dimensions 108 x 105 x 70 mm 104 x 105 x 70 mm
Weight 465 grams** 385 grams**
Warranty 7 Years, Limited 7 Years, Limited

* Field Of View (FOV) values are valid if the system is equipped with an 18mm Image Intensifier Tube

** Weight of the unit excludes an IIT due to its weight variations. Typical weight of an IIT is between 70 and 85 grams as per IIT manufacturers' specifications.

Specifications are presented for optical-electronic-mechanic assemblies only and do not include technical characteristics of image intensifier tubes.